Care and feeding tokay gecko

In the lizard world, perhaps none fits this description so well as the Tokay Gecko, Gekko gecko. Years ago, I liberated a group into a huge multi-species exhibit at the Bronx Zoo, mainly for my own interests. Although my fellow keepers were well-experienced in caring for venomous snakes, dangerous primates and the like, I was roundly criticized…no one wanted to chance accidentally grabbing one of these foot-long nocturnal terrors! However, their habit of vocalizing in the wee hours of the morning doomed the scheme to failure. Nocturnal and highly arboreal, Tokay Geckos are stoutly built.
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Tokay Gecko Care, (Gekko gecko) - BambooZoo

Tokay geckos are large, nocturnal, unique reptiles. They are brightly colored, which makes them fun pets to own. To care for your Tokay gecko, set up the appropriate tank, feed them the right foods, and make sure their needs are met. You can care for a Tokay gecko by providing it with a large, 10 gallon glass tank and a UVB heat light. Make sure to place the lamp at one end of the cage so the lizard has an area to bask in the light and an area to relax in the shade. To hold humidity in the cage, you should add a layer of cypress mulch or orchid bark on top of the substrate.
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Tokay Gecko Care, Feeding and Terrarium Design

Login Register 0 Shopping Cart. Home Blog Home. Tokay Gecko Care Gekko gecko A tokay gecko can make an excellent pet for a seasoned reptile owner who is willing to put some time into training and be patient as the gecko is adjusting.
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Tokay geckos aren't as commonly seen as pets as leopard geckos, but they are just as interesting as their cousins. They are the second-largest kind of gecko and are known for their vibrant colors and spots. They are usually a blue-gray color with bright orange and blue spots. Tokay geckos are vocal, making a unique croaking or barking noise to attract mates, are arboreal, and according to some myths, are said to bring good luck.
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