How to create a cell model

Show less A cell model is a 3-dimensional structure showing the parts of a plant or an animal cell. You can make a model cell with things from around your house, or you can buy a few simple items to create a fun, educational project. Then, use different colored clay to make the different cell parts, and attach them to the Styrofoam with toothpicks so they show the layout of your cell.
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Cells 1: Make a Model Cell

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Skip to main content Plant Cell Model. In Stock. I am a plant biologist and think this model is well thought out and looks nice on my desk. The nucleus and one of the mitochondria do tend to fall out when I set the model down harshly, but if you poke them back into their little holes in the cytoplasm they will stay there. I think it is great, what more could you ask for? It even has little plasmodesmata that hold the walls onto the cell, it is so cute and cleverly designed!
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How to Make an Interactive Cell Model

Cell biology can be hard. Cells are too small to see and the science contains a lot of long, complicated words. The first time I made a cell model using food items was over 20 years ago. It was high school Honors Biology and for that rendition of this classic science demonstration, I pretty much used only candy. Jello, Red Hots, gummy worms….
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This tutorial provides an overview of how to use the NetPyNE python package to create a simple network. Downloading and installation instructions here: Installation. A good understanding of python nested dictionaries and lists is recommended, since they are are used to specify the parameters.
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