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Hi Pete! The reformed Fall Out Boy have just announced two shows at Wembley Arena in October — is this the age-old trick of pretending to split up for three years until people start caring again? I was not interested. It was really hard for me and I went through a hard time in my own life. To me it was potentially a break-up where maybe you get back together. That was the real trick that we attempted.
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Demi Lovato’s Nude Photos Leak Online After Snapchat Hack

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Pete Wentz's Nude Photo Lament: Manscaping | HuffPost

But if a picture of your penis is going to get leaked online, you could do much worse than yours. PW: Oh, thank you. I appreciate that. But at the time, I wanted to find a cave and hang out there for the rest of my life and be a cave painter and eat dirt. PW: The manscaping? Honestly, I felt slightly overgrown in those pictures.
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Fall Out Boy faces music during Sidekickgate

Pete Wentz ' newest photo of his girlfriend, Meagan Camper , may make your head tilt, and not just because she's nude! The photo appears to have been shot from below and is seen displayed across several mirror panels above. It is unclear when the picture, which Wentz captioned, "MJ," was taken. Camper appears extremely slim, with the outline of her ribcage displayed prominently through her back, and is a brunette. She had traded in her dark tresses for a lighter style earlier this year.
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